Types of Digital Marketing

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many different types of digital marketing Channels to be considered to Market your Product and services.

It is necessary to understand to market to make the best strategy for your business.

If you are missing different types of Digital Marketing Channels than you are also missing your potential audience.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

You need to understand the market before implementing because many types of online marketing techniques are based on Market research etc.

Here are the list of Best and powerful types of digital marketing:-

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is mostly used by all Digital Marketers and the best type of digital marketing.

It is the art of increasing website or webpages features as high as possible on Different Search searches. 

SEO is an organic type of marketing.

The simple meaning is free of cost but It Takes time in ranking. 

In SEO you need to optimize your webpages 

like that, if Someone Searches for Benefits of eating an apple than your Site Should start showing high in search engines.

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Social Media Marketing:- 

According to the Word. We all know that I am  talking About Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Marketing is very important for every type of businesses.

Its type of paid marketing but at a very cheap cost.

Today, people are daily more active on social media platforms

Because There are total 2.4 billion monthly active users are using Facebook,1 Billion on Instagram,1.9 Billion on Youtube, 330 Million on Twitter,303 Million on LinkedIn, etc

Social Media Marketing Cost is very cheap and effective so even small Businesses are doing paid advertising on Social Media Marketing   

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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a type of paid marketing and the opposite of SEO.

Like in SEO you need to optimize your content or webpages to improve search engine ranking.

In PPC you need to set a bid for your advertising Click for your certain keywords on search engines.

The bid is different for all keywords.

The Simple Meaning of PPC Advertising is you need to pay to advertise your product and services in Search Engines.

Using PPC is better to get Instant Result Because SEO Takes more time

Email marketing

Now the Fourth type of online marketing is Email Marketing.

One of the Most Important Benefits of Email Marketing is that you can retarget your audience and get resales.

If I want to explain to you in simple meaning then see the example below:-

Example :- If you sell any of your products to the customer then after his first purchase that customer is your old customer.

If you want to resell your other product to your previous customer

then email marketing is only the Best way of targetting old customers and get sales.

One more benefit is that you can maintain your brand Visibility also with email marketing.

Video Marketing

Video is another type of digital media.

In today Generation people are mostly like to watching videos rather than reading an article or anything.

The videos are more eye-catching for every online user.

So Video is the Best Type of Marketing which almost all companies already making to attract their Customers.

Video marketing is the best type of digital marketing technique.

You can do this by posting video content on your sites and social media accounts, or by advertising on video sharing sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc

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