Importance of Marketing

Importance of marketing

In this article, you can read About the Importance of Marketing and Importance of Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a type of technique of Promoting our Goods and Services.

Types of Marketing:-

Marketing is of Two Types:-
  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing:- It is a type of Marketing way in which you need to use Digital Platforms Example:- SEO, SMO, etc

Traditional Marketing:-It is Old Method Marketing You Need To use Old Method to do Traditional Marketing Example:- Newspaper, Radio, Templates, etc

Top Importance of Marketing:-

  1. Generate Business:- The First most important is generating Business. Just take an example that If a new company launched and they do not market their products or services. then How it is possible to generate Business for that company. So every business must market their Products and Services.
  2. Brand Awareness:- The second most important benefit of marketing is Brand awareness because without marketing brand awareness is not possible. So, why Marketing is a very important part of any business,firm, company.

Which marketing is Best?

By comparison, you can easily compare that Digital Marketing is more Best and Beneficial for any type of Businesses.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:-

  1. Consume Less time:- One of the most Importance of Digital Marketing is that online marketing consumes very very less time.
  2. It can Be done from anywhere:- In comparison, Digital Marketing is the type of marketing you can do from anywhere, from any city, any state, any country, etc But in Tradition Marketing can be done only at that place where shop exist
  3. Marketing Cost:- Traditional Marketing Cost is high then Digital Methods because in traditional marketing you require more workers to market your product on different platforms like Radio, Newspaper, Templates, etc But in Digital Methods You require one person only to market your product and services.
  4. High Reach:- Digital Methods reach is very high because you can easily target your audience to any country, state.


Without Marketing Business is impossible. So this is why marketing is important for any type of business.

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